Scouting wouldn’t be the same without the thousands of adults who get involved each year.


There are many different ways to get involved and lots that can be done if you’re over 18. Here are some options:


Give something back: volunteer.

Scouting relies on our lovely volunteers to run every night of the week in our district. There are a variety of roles that are flexible to fit around your working life.

Working directly with the scouts, changing lives on a weekly basis, our section leaders and assistants are some of our most visible volunteers. But they are not the only ones: managers and administrators support the work of their fellow volunteers every day of the week. 

To find out more about volunteering, and some of the roles available, see our Volunteer page.


Personal development: Scout Network.

NetworkIf you’re aged between 18 and 25 then Scout Network could be just for you. 

Any member of scouting of Network age is automatically part of the UK Scout Network, allowing you to join nationwide projects and events including life changing experiences, international gatherings and connect with like-minded people.

As well as this, Pegasus Scout Network meet in the district for local Network members to meet, learn new skills, make a difference and achieve the top awards. Find out more about Scout Network on our page here.


New Forest North Scout Active Support Unit

Practical help: Scout Active Support.

Scout Active Support is all about using any skills to help others in Scouting or learning new ones. These could be from fire-lighting to organising events, if it can help scouting then it’s welcome!

Find out more on the Scout Active Support page including how you can get in touch!