Scouting is all about adventure. It has been part of our DNA from the very beginning right back in 1907.


Today we offer chances for Scouts and Explorer scouts to spread their wings and try some new activities with others like them from across the district.

Who are we?

New Forest North District Expeditions are a group of leaders from our district who enjoy walking and want to give the new generation of scouts a chance to do the same.

Walking is one the best ways of getting good exercise and staying healthy. Expeditions mix this with stunning scenery, breath taking locations and activities that make these trips that will be remembered forever.

We could say more, but instead watch this video made by Mountain Training which we thinks sums up perfectly why people should walk among the hills and mountains.

Can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about a specific expedition then feel free to ask your leader, contact us through the Facebook page or by emailing

If you want to take up hillwalking, or earn your Scouting permit if you are an Explorer scout, Scout Network member or adult volunteer then check out this page on the Scouts website about hillwalking.

Or if you really want to dream big and complete expeditions to some of the most beautiful and extreme places in the world, check out HSX: Hampshire Scout Expeditions.


New Forest North expeditions to the Lake District

Lake District 2017

Our first expedition. The Lake District is home to stunning mountains, seemingly endless lakes and some of the best scenery in these fair isles. What could be better than a week walking through them, maybe climbing ...
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