NetworkScout Network is the final youth section for 18 to 25 year old women and men. 


Take the lead, choose what you want to do
and meet other people. Learn new skills for the start of your adult life.

Scout Network London Monopoly run 2017Aged 18-25? Then you’re automatically part of Scout Network!

That’s right. Part of the beauty of Network is that everyone of Network age in Scouting is part of Network. There are UK-wide projects and events you can get involved in, not to mention aiming for the top awards as well.

It’s up to you whether you join in Network at district level but if you want more information about joining in UK events, the folks at Pegasus can help. It is also where you can get your own (free) Scout Network uniform badge for members of the district who are of Network age.

Pegasus Scout Network.

Pegasus is the Scout Network for New Forest North. Meeting on Tuesday evenings, they can be found either at Copythorne’s HQ or out and about taking part in a huge variety of projects and events.

Pegasus is supported by the District Scout Network Commissioner (DSNC), Steven Osborn.

Find out more about Pegasus and how you can join from the pages below:


About Pegasus

< Scout Network Meeting on Tuesday evenings, Pegasus is the Scout Network for New Forest North. You can find us either at Copythorne's HQ or ...
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About UK Scout Network

< Scout Network For those who can't come along to district Network events, then there are still lots to get involved with. The UK Scout ...
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Code of Conduct

< Scout Network Pegasus has a code of conduct which was written by the members in 2017. It allows us to run in an orderly ...
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Programme and Events

< Scout Network Pegasus Scout Network Programme Pegasus' programme is decided by the members and is balanced between adventurous, international, community and social events. The ...
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Reach the Top: Awards

< Scout Network Scout Network is not just about having fun; it's also about preparing you for the big wide world and arming you with ...
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