ScoutsScouts is where the journey really takes off, made up of girls and boys aged between 10½ and 14 years of age. 

Scouts take part in over 200 activities, learning a whole host of new skills, getting in the great outdoors and going on a variety of adventures every year. Scouts work together and often take the lead on projects for their troop or the local community. We build confidence and allow young people to explore their beliefs and attitudes and express themselves.

Two scouts experimentScouts in our District.

Scouts can frequently be found out and about having an adventure and they will likely enjoy nights away from home at least once a year. 

As well as this, there are numerous district events that occur each year where our many scout troops join to compete or to have fun. These include our Stag’s Head incident hike, the Eagle Trophy night incident hike, 

Our troops also take part in some bigger events with other scouts from Hampshire or the UK. Scouts are also able to go on the adventure of a lifetime with Scouts from across the world at Jamborees.

Supporting our Scout troops is the Assistant District Commissioner (Scouts): Simon Down.

Strive and achieve.

Scouts can earn loads of different badges covering a variety of skills:

Activity Badges all offer a chance to try a different skill; from air spotter to artist, DIY to dragon boating, librarian to local knowledge and many many more besides. There is something for everyone to try and most can be done from home. There are also Staged Activity Badges which are open to all scouts and allow them to get better at a skill over time. From musician to swimmer, first aid to sailing they are core skills to any individual. They also keep track of the number of nights and hikes away a young person has completed.

The highest award a Scout can work towards is the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. To reach this, Scouts earn Challenge Awards to really push them in every part of the programme.