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There is a whole host of support for Young Leaders. You are our future after all!

Aside from the support of all the adult leaders you work with to deliver a brilliant programme for our scouts, there are some other adults specifically here to help you as a young leader. They are Nicky Cully, our Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leader), who helps co-ordinate all the young leaders in our district while Lynn Tatavossian and Mike Baxter are Hampshire Scouts’ lead for Young Leaders. On top of that we have loads of great trainers and leaders in the district who can help you get complete your modules and missions.

The Young Leader badge is awarded when Module A is completed.


Every Young Leader has access to training so they can become the best they can be. We call these modules and cover everything a young leader should need to know, from communicating to leading, games to first aid.

Every Young Leader must complete the first one, Module A, covering the fundamentals, safety and safeguarding within 3 months of starting. These are held in our district frequently throughout the year.

The remaining modules (lettered B-K) are optional but can be completed through a residential weekend, held at least once a year for young leaders across Hampshire. 

The training really helps you grow, not just as a leader but also as a person and includes lots of skills that look great on a CV.


A Young Leader mission badge.
One of these badges is awarded every time a mission is completed. They are placed around the Module A badge.


As well as the training, Young Leaders have 4 missions to challenge themselves to achieve. These missions build on what is learnt through the modules and from their time as a young leader in Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.

They support our young leaders to apply what they have learnt and to take on more responsibility so they can become a more active part of the leadership team. More on the 4 missions can be found on the Scouts website.