#YouShapeThe most important people in Scouting are the scouts themselves who take part in our youth programme.


From the youngest Beaver scout through to a Scout Network member, they should have a say in how their scouting journey is run.

In recent years, Scouts from across the country have been empowering our young people and encouraging them to speak up and make change. Hampshire have been pioneers in this journey for some years. Here are some of the ways in which we listen to our young people:

YouShape badges 2017YouShape

YouShape is a national initiative to boost youth-led scouting and create inspirational opportunities for our young people.

From hints and tips to programme ideas, it is a brilliant way to empower young people and give them a voice. Each year, UK Scouts release more brilliant resources and ideas to help along with specific initiatives, conferences and gatherings.

Discover the resources from this year and previous years at the YouShape pages on the Scout website.

Section forums

Many sections will ask their members how they want their programme will run. For the youngest sections this may focus on picking which games are played or what activities they enjoyed. Meanwhile our older scouts, such as our Explorers and Network, will be taking the lead on their programme and deciding what they want to do.

This may be done casually during a normal weekly scout activity, or it might be done through a more formal forum such as a Beaver Log Chew or a Troop forum. This will depend on the section.

Find out more about sectional forums for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network at their respective pages on the Scout website.

UK Youth Commissioner and Deputy UK Youth Commissioner Youth Commissioners

Hearing the voice of the scouts does not stop at the end of the section meeting. Across the country, hundreds of district and county youth commissioners speak up for all scouts at the highest levels of the district and county.

In Hampshire, our youth commissioner is Emma Hale and she can be contacted on youth.commissioner@scouts-hants.org.uk.

On a country level, a UK Youth Commissioner team exists to speak up for scouts at a national level including on decision making strategic boards. More can be found out about the team at this page on the Scout website. The UK Youth Commissioner is Hannah Kentish who can be contacted through Facebook and Twitter.

Youth Council and Scouts Speak Up!

Hampshire Scouts run a youth council, comprised of two representatives from each district, to feed back ideas to county and UK HQ. What’s more they take part in lots of fun activities at their conferences, timed throughout the year at locations around the county. Find out the latest from the youth involvement team through their Twitter feed below.

At present, both representatives are vacant – if you want to know more then get in touch with Fi Durrant at youth.council@scouts-hants.org.uk.

Hampshire also run Scouts Speak Up, an event for young people to build their confidence so they are able to speak to the media and other people about what scouting does. Run by friendly volunteers as a residential camp with engaging activities, it is a great way to shout about what we do. Find out details of the next event at www.hampshirescouting.org.uk/ssu or on their Facebook and Twitter.